One On One RACE DUEL (Full Project)

One on One Race Duel (Full Project) is a complete Unity Project, that can be imported into Unity. It’s available on the Unity Asset Store. This project is made in Unity version 2020.3.6.f1. If someone buys it, they must have at least this version or a higher Unity version loaded on their operation system, that this Whole Project can be imported into Unity.


– There is 10 different levels
– Opponent is from level to level better
– Each time you beat opponent you reach to the next level
– Game is automatically saved when you beat oponent
– There is 3 different terrains : “Rocky mountain”, “Grass mountain” and “Dessert mountain”
– 1 Player vehicle
– 1 Opponet virtual vehicle
– This project is made for Operating system like :  Windows, MAC and Linux


When you have once a project in Unity, this structure of the whole project is displayed on the left side. When you download the Standard Assets package, you need to be careful how you import it. If you look at the project structure on the left, then you can also see the Readme folder, where the Readme file in pdf format is located and it explains how to properly import Standard Assets into your project and then do the import process so that everything works properly, when you start a project. In addition you also have the Documentation folder, which contains the Documentation file in pdf format, which describes a complete explanation of how the project is composed and how to implement the game with all the images in Unity.